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HarmonyOS 4 installed on 5 million devices within 2 weeks of launch



5 million HarmonyOS 4

At the Huawei Developer Conference 2023, Huawei kicked off HarmonyOS 4 testing for various smartphones and tablets. The company also released the first batch of eligible devices. Now, the company has revealed interesting statics, saying that HarmonyOS 4 is installed in 5 million devices.

He Gang, Chief Operating Officer of Huawei Devices BG wrote on Weibo that within two weeks of launch, HarmonyOS 4 was installed by 5 million people after release. On the first day, the company accounted for 1 million users to upgrade to HarmonyOS 4. This is a big number and shows Huawei’s accuracy in upgrading old devices to new software.

Mr. Gang further wrote that HarmonyOS 4 brings new visuals and interactive experiences such as new personalized themes. These are designed to express mood and panoramic weather wallpapers, which are adored by a large number of users.

The top Huawei official further added that HarmonoyOS 4 not only brings fun for the users but also them to explore a whole new world with a live window feature.

Users can now transfer and store files efficiently through the SuperHub feature, supporting apps, and different scenarios. That’s not it, the new HarmonyOS 4 software also focuses widely on security and privacy. It has received rave reviews, and the user’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) has increased by 16% compared with the previous generation.

In terms of performance, Huawei Ark Engine improves system fluency by 20%, the battery life is extended by 30 minutes and it can render fast frame rates as compared to HarmonyOS 3.

HarmonyOS 4 is scheduled to release both recent and old devices. The first batch of public and closed beta activity includes over 30 devices in each. All of these models will next smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches will move towards a stable release, which may take a few weeks.

5 million HarmonyOS 4


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