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1 million users downloaded HarmonyOS 4 on day one



HarmonyOS 4 1 million download

On August 4th, Huawei launched HarmonyOS 4 operating system and the company has confirmed that over 1 million Huawei smartphone users installed this new operating system on the launch day.

The numbers are derived from a wide list of eligible smartphones including top flagships from the past. Allowing these users to download the public beta version right away with a simple sign-up process.

Since March, Huawei testing HarmonyOS 4 operating system in developer beta mode. However, the company has now opened the gates to all Huawei phones. On the other hand, it announced closed beta registrations for eligible device owners.

1 million downloads of HarmonyOS 4 on day one

The rapid installation is a result of the latest improvements made in the user interface and features. Huawei is using a new graphics engine, which renders smooth animations all across the screen. This new improvement is catching all eyes on the internet and taking it close to iOS and even surpassing it in some scenarios.

Once upgraded, HarmonyOS 4 offers 20% system fluency improvements, and the battery life is extended by half an hour. On the other hand, task execution and app launches are improved by 57%.

We’ve already passed through three days from the launch and the company may post another HarmonyOS 4 installation mark, increasing the number from 1 million.

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