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Google Play Store implemented new policy



Google Play new policy

Google has recently deployed the year 2022 new security policy for the Play Store users, the implemented policy for Android users will come wholly experience gradually in the year 2022. Although, it covered all the new and old problems that you faced in the Play Store.

Notably, Google is always in active mode to provide regular updates for the Play Store application to resolve your concern and issue, that bothers you. But some of the major exploits were not able to fix via the regular update, for the company releases its new policy to encounter a yearly issue.

A set of more stringent guidelines include full-screen advertisements, which will likely be the most important and directly applicable change for many users. Below you can check how Google Play Store’s new policy impacts your experience.

Google Play new policy

New changes:

  • Better Ads Experiences:
    • As per the new policy, Google to stop showing the ads in the full-screen interstitial ads of all formats that annoy users to do something else is not allowed, ads that appear during gameplay, and full-screen video interstitial ads that appear when app loading will stop showing.
  • Subscription management canceallton & refund:
    • If your app offers subscription services, you must make sure that it, makes it abundantly obvious how a user may manage or cancel their subscription. Additionally, you need to make sure that your app gives users easy online access to cancel their subscriptions.
  • You will experience these changes after September 30, 2022


  • Flag Secure requirement:
    • When utilizing an app, Flag Secure is a display flag that is defined in the code to let the user know that the app’s user interface (UI) contains sensitive data that should only be displayed on secure surfaces. This flag is intended to stop the data from being captured in screenshots or viewed on displays that are not secure.
  • You will experience this change after November 1, 2022

Exact Alarm Permission:

  • Starting with Android 13, new permission called use exact alarm will be added that will provide access to exact alarm capabilities in apps (API target level 33). Apps must only declare the limited permission to use an exact alarm if it is necessary for the core operation of the app to satisfy the need for a precise alert.
  • You will experience this change after July 31, 2023


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