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Google adding option to save images in Google Photos directly from Gmail



Google is adding one more valuable feature in Gmail, which will allow you to save images in Google Photos directly from Gmail messages. As was foreseeable, many users wish for this kind of function to save their photos in an instant.

Making the wish come true, Google finally comes up with this new addition. Although it’s limited for the time being but we can hope it reaches our devices soon.

At present, it’s exclusive for the JPEG format and doesn’t support PNG, GIF, WEB, and any other layout. The procedure is quite simple, and the same as we do in Google Drive.

Before this, Google offers the users to download the images and directly save them in Google Drive. But now, we can also save them directly in Google Photos as long as they are in JPEG format.

The Course of Action: 

  • After receiving an image in Gmail, scroll down to the attachment section
  •  You’ll see three icons there, where you’ll see the “Save to Photos” icon
  • Click on it to save that image


As per the announcement come from the company, they are gradually rolling out this feature update and could take up to 15 days for it visibility on the devices.

It won’t be exclusive in terms of availability. The company is rolling out for all including personal Google Accounts, Google Workspace customers, G Suite Basic, as well as Business customers.

External Badge:

Last month, Google add an extra External badge, which gives a generous reminder when you come in contact with a user, who is not in your Google Workspace.

It’s a very helpful feature designed in bright yellow color, which shows a warning note, out of the security concern. It’s installed as default, however, users can disable it manually in the workspace.

(Source  – Androidheadlines)


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