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EMUI 13.1 could come with EMUI 13 Update



EMUI 13.1 EMUI 13

Huawei has already announced its EMUI 13 roadmap for smartphones but now, there’s a twist in the story, which reveals that this new EMUI version could also have EMUI 13.1 features.

EMUI 13 will first rollout for Huawei P50 Pro, P50 Pocket, and Mate Xs 2 this month. The company also planned releases each month throughout this year.

On the other hand, EMUI 13.1 currently remains exclusive to recent flagships. For example, Huawei P60 Pro and Mate X3 are the two devices with this new EMUI version. Therefore, Huawei has not announced EMUI 13.1 for old devices.

But there’s a twist, which we shared last week. Huawei has released a new update for the Huawei Mate 50 series in China. And this is not a normal upgrade, bringing various new additions and optimizations to the system.

Speaking of which, these are quite identical to the latest version of HarmonyOS 3.1. Given the changes, the OTA package also weighs big at over 1GB.

The changelog shows this update brings new changes in service widgets. Animations are polished and the app guard is optimized. Turbo charging and multi-window are also enhanced. Huawei has marked new changes in the performance and stability of the device.

It’s a big changelog and consists of major upgrades for the user experience. Hence, these could be derived directly from HarmonyOS 3.1.

EMUI 13.1 EMUI 13


Currently, EMUI 13.1 and HarmonyOS 3.1 are part of the key selling points for Huawei P60 Pro and Mate X3. Therefore, Huawei might want to keep it exclusive.

But the tech maker doesn’t want to leave the old users without updated capabilities. That’s why, Huawei may have initiated all of those new functionalities with a monthly patch.

Why together?

Huawei is running quite late in terms of the EMUI 13 release. It’s halfway through this year, and now we’re about to witness the rollout. Yet, this should have been started by December last year.

Due to the late release, it’s possible that Huawei doesn’t has time to announce another upgrade plan. And combined both EMUI 13 and EMUI 13.1 in one package.

Still, there’s confirmation required to verify this fact. And, it would be interesting to see the OTA popping up on the eligible phones very soon.

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