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EMUI 12 beta starts for Huawei Nova 7i smartphone



Huawei Nova 7i EMUI 12 beta

Hey! Huawei Nova 7i users, the wait for EMUI 12 beta is now over. Huawei has begun the EMUI 12 beta for a bunch of models including Nova 7i, P30 series models, and more. The company has started expanding beta progress and covering more smartphone devices.

Previously, Huawei has already confirmed EMUI 12 for the Nova 7i smartphone while P40 Lite the counterpart of Nova 7i is not listed under EMUI 12 eligible list. Since then, the Huawei Nova 7i users are eager to participate in EMUI 12 beta testing and now here it is.

To be mentioned, currently, the beta testing slots are limited for every eligible smartphone. So, we recommend you get in it as soon as possible, and to join you need to first download the Huawei Beta app on your device.

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Huawei Nova 7i EMUI 12 beta

Huawei Nova 7i Project details:

  • Project Name: Huawei Nova 7i EMUI 12 FUT
  • Device Model: JNY-L22 (C636E1R3P1)
  • Project Dates: December 1, 2021 to January 31, 2022
  • Project Description: FUT is short for a friendly user trial to recruit real users to participate in the beta test of the software version, in order to verify the product function and ensure product quality, and more.

Huawei Nova 7i EMUI 12 beta

EMUI 12 feature highlights:

  • Minimalist Design: EMUI 12 comes with a new innovative user interface design that has beautiful rounds corners and provides a seamless viewing experience.
  • Motion Effects: The latest animations added to the UI reflects the celestial objects moving in the universe, and make the overall touch interaction smoother and interactive.
  • Font Weight: It allows you to adjust the size and the weight of the font by just adjusting the slider.
  • Control Panel: Control Panel is an all-in-one solution and consists of audio playback, WiFi, and Bluetooth settings on the same screen.
  • Notification Center: Notification Center is now separated from the Quick settings panel and has a brand new notification center, that you can access via swiping down from the top left corner of the display.
  • Device+: This will help you conduct calls, send messages, and check photos from your phone on the tablet screen.
  • Distributed File System: With this, you can get instant access to your phone documents or photos as easily as to access another disk drive on your laptop.
  • MeeTime: This feature now supports cross-device video calls, you can seamlessly shift video calls picked up on your phone to Huawei Vision.
  • Performance: It provides faster web pages and apps loading as you scroll. You can return to the page next time as you load it up.
  • Security: EMUI 12 comes with better security and privacy protection, You can input your password to unlock your phone from your laptop while being connected to the Multi-screen collaboration feature.

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