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EMUI 11 vs EMUI 10.1: Here are the changes made to the Settings menu



At Huawei Developer Conference (HDC) 2020, Huawei revealed its latest Android-based operating system, EMUI 11. It brings a number of new features to provides a brand new user experience and simplicity.

Aside from the new features, users of the EMUI 11 likely to notice some of the notable changes made to the entire EMUI software system. However, there are some of the key changes we want to point out for you in the Settings.

Similar to the features, EMUI 11 also brings changes in the Settings corner. With subtle changes in the structure, it helps enable functions with limited taps.

Below you can check a comparison of the Settings menu of the EMUI 11 vs the EMUI 10.1.

Sound and Vibration:

In the sound and vibration category, the volume slider bar for Ringtone renamed as Ringer, Message, Notification, and the Media is now mentioned as Music, Videos, and Games in EMUI 11 user interface.

However, the functionality is not changed. Additionally, the Calls and Music, Videos, Gamers volume adjust bar are hidden by default because they are not used on a common basis. Click on show more option to see or adjust the volume of them.


In the notification menu, the vibration and sound options are merged together. The sound option is renamed as a Notification sound. Under this option, you can set the music or tone and vibration for notifications in EMUI 11.

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