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EMUI 10.1 Feature: Multi-Device Control Panel



Multi Device Control Panel

Nowadays more and more devices are being developed for seamless connectivity and bring options to connect them with each other via smart features. With EMUI 10.1, Huawei introduced the Multi-Device Control Panel, which allows users to manage all of the connected devices at a single place.

The Multi-Device Control Panel provides a unified platform that lets users see every connected device in their proximity at a glance. Connecting one device to another is as easy as tapping on the corresponding button on the menu.

Users can access the panel by simply swiping up from either corner. The feature can be used to turn IoT devices on or off, set up smartphone screen projection, initiate Multi-screen Collaboration and more.

Multi-Device Control Center also recommends nearby devices that can be used to improve the current user experience.

For instance, when a user is listening to music on Huawei Music with a Huawei Sound X nearby, Multi-Device Control Panel will suggest switching the audio output to the smart speaker to get better sound quality.

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