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Updated on February 13, 2020:

Huawei Quick App Center lets you use and manage Quick apps, which can do almost everything regular apps can do but don’t need to be installed, don’t use much space, and update automatically.

You can even create individual shortcuts for them on the home screen so you can access them with a single touch. Quick apps will also be accessible via HiSearch and Huawei Assistant soon.

Check the latest version below:


  1. To use quick apps users need to install the Quick App Center app via AppGallery or from above.
  2. Users can go to AppGallery > Manager > Quick App manager >  Quick App Center to search for, access, and manage quick apps. Quick App Center can be added to the home screen.
  3. After adding quick apps to the home screen, users can open them directly by touching the app icons.

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Huawei Quick Apps provides users tap-to-use and installation free apps



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