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Download the Huawei HarmonyOS ringtone [Link]



Since the announcement in 2019, Huawei HarmonyOS has become a much-awaited operating system and the dream for every Huawei device, which is designed to deliver the cross-device across different platforms and scenarios.

Moving with time, Huawei has released the next version, HarmonyOS 2.0 with new capabilities, advancements, and extend platform support at HDC 2020. After completion of development, the company started its developer beta testing for limited devices in the mainland.

Additionally, for the development of the HarmonyOS application, the company is regularly releasing a beta version for Huawei DevEco Studio IDE or developers to create something amazing.

Today, a tipster from Weibo – Changan digital shared something new regarding HarmonyOS: A new ringtone, which will come with the HarmonyOS ecosystem. It especially based on the original Huawei tune but has a different symphony and slight changes in the rhythm.

Since every Huawei consumer wants to test and download HarmonyOS on its smartphone, we thought we bring you this ringtone and set it up on your device to make it feel like HarmonyOS.

Download Link: Huawei Harmony OS ringtone

Here’s the Huawei HarmonyOS ringtone, listen here:

According to the previous information, Huawei has extended the HarmonyOS 2.0 mobile developer beta testing device list, and currently, there are 19 devices from different segments.

Moreover, Huawei plans to shift around 100 million smartphones over HarmonyOS in 2021 via software upgrades on HarmonyOS. The rollout will initially start in the Chinese market and further expand to global markets, once the stable version reached the mainland.

Huawei HarmonyOS 2.0 Features (leaked):

  • New HarmonyOS animation
  • New Home screen decoration
  • New card system with corners
  • Resizable widgets
  • App transitions
  • Ap icon swipe up gestures
  • Camera app layout
  • Quick setting panel

(Source | Weibo)

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