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OpenHarmony 3.2.1 released with various fixes




On May 23, 2023, open source HarmonyOS, OpenHarmony 3.2.1 release version was uploaded to Gitee repository. It means developers and ecosystem partners can start using this version in action.

According to the official description, this version comes as a major fix for the OpenHarmony 3.2 release version.

OpenHarmony 3.2.1 installs new optimizations and enhancements for distributed data management. According to security compliance requirements, uuid only supports system applications and SA, and no longer supports common applications. Data management switches UUID rectified to a new uuid (sha256(appId_uuid)) that can be used by ordinary applications.

OpenHarmony 3.2 Release version changelog:

It Enhanced interaction normalization capability, interaction normalization event docking TP, mouse, keyboard, touchpad, stylus, ArkUI native components support normalized operation. The Responsive layout capability is optimized and enhanced media query capability, grid system reconstruction, and docking free window.

The ability to move focus is enhanced, it supports the Tab key and arrow keys to move focus, and it supports whether the component can be focused. Furthermore, the supports enhanced column and sidebar component capabilities, supports drag-and-drop auto-hide, and other capabilities.


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