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China smartphone market recorded lowest sales after 2012: Counterpoint



Huawei Smartphone

The latest report for Counterpoint informs, smartphone market of China declined by 13% in the second quarter of 2021 and recorded a yearly drop of 6%. Furthermore, this report showed that its the biggest drop in Q2 after 2012.

The top smartphone vendor list ordered as Vivo, OPPO, Xiaomi, Apple, and Huawei captured 23%, 21%, 17%, 14%, and 10% of the market respectively. The former smartphone market ruler Huawei completely blows out from the market and down by 72% from the previous year.

Concerning the fact, Mengmeng Zhang smartphone market pointed out it’s impossible to capture the market left by Huawei in this shortest time. Besides, the Chinese smartphone market demand is still low. Adding to this, he also commented, Huawei is a powerful native brand therefore the local customers are a strong backup for the company.

China Smartphone Market Counterpoint

Comparison with  2Q 2020:

From 2Q 2020 to 2Q 2021, only Huawei shows the biggest market declined of 72%. Meanwhile, the other company shows a moderate market increase. Xiaomi’s market growth increase by 70%, followed by Apple with 43%, OPPO with 37%, and Vivo with a 34% YoY market increase.

The Senior Research analyst EthanQi stated that the Chinese manufacturers certainly benefitted from the US ban on Huawei. Furthermore, the global pandemic and IC shortage are two main reasons in the market behind the drop.

China Smartphone Market 2Q 2021 Insights:

  • Biggest sales drop in the second quart after 2012
  • Vivo smartphones are in high demand in 2Q 2021 with a 23 % of market share
  • Xiaomi recorded the fastest YoY growth rate with 70%
  • Apple shows a 43% YoY increase rate in the Chinese smartphone market
  • Huawei has called done by 32% in the second quarter
  • Honor is showing potential to reach in top five place
  • For the first time, Realme shipped over 1 million units in a quarter

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