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Huawei smartphone market is big as Apple’s and a big opportunity for Snapdragon processor: Qualcomm CEO



Recently, Qualcomm‘s Chief Executive Cristiano Amon sat down in his first interview since taking the job at San Diego, California-based chip firm, and said that the market of Huawei is as big as Apple‘s.

The newly appointed Qualcomm chief expected to get good results from the Chinese market and grow up the company’s learning by selling more chipsets.

Among said that the empty space created by Huawei’s absence in the field such as the mobile modem chipset market will bring growth opportunities for Qualcomm, which is certain for sure.

However, Amon also accepts that Huawei has a huge market share, and only for the premium market alone, Huawei goes head to head with Apple and creates a lot of growth steps for the U.S. chipmaker.

“Just for the premium tier alone, the Huawei addressable market is as big as the Apple opportunity is for us,” Amon said.

Selling 4G processors to Huawei:

Last month, Huawei revealed new products with Qualcomm chipsets, which were restricted after U.S. sanctions. However, Qualcomm acquired the license to sell 4G products to the Chinese tech giant.

As the latest Huawei products use the 4G chipsets that are specially designed for the use of Huawei devices apart from their 5G siblings.

Furthermore, Huawei’s new operating system – HarmonyOS 2 already adopted the Snapdragon processor platform, which is a big development for both firms. However, the use of 5G processors in Huawei devices currently remains uncertain.

(Source – Reuters)

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