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ChatGPT answered ‘whether HarmonyOS is a disguised version of Android?’



chatgpt harmonyos android

ChatGPT can answer a lot of questions and even pass an examination but a question about HarmonyOS, you really don’t want to leave out as it was “Whether HarmonyOS is a disguised version of Android?”

We already know the answer but since ChatGPT is already shipping a lot of answers each day, then why not this one that serves our interest as well? Now, let’s look into the answer.

“No, HarmonyOS is not a disguised Android system. It is a new operating system developed by Huawei that is designed to work across a range of devices including smartphones, smart TVs laptops, wearables, and other IoT devices. Unlike Android, which is developed by Google and based on Linux kernel, HarmonyOS is based on a microkernel architecture and is designed to be more flexible across all Huawei devices, regardless of the underlying hardware. While it shares some similarities with Android such as its use of app sandboxes and a similar user interface, it is not a disguised version of Android and it is not based on Android code.”

chatgpt android harmonyos

The answer from ChatGPT about HarmonyOS is praisable and correct and Huawei has already said that HarmonOS falls into a separate category of excellence rather than being a simple copycat.

Last year, Huawei’s former consumer devices software chief, Wang Chenglu said that HarmonyOS is neither Android nor iOS and it’s certainly not a single-device operating system. That’s where it is different from others, HarmonyOS can run into various platforms and devices, which is combined by HarmonyOS soft bus, and has three important technical features:

  1. Unified OS for flexible deployment
  2. Resource sharing and low system requirements
  3. One-time, easy, and multi-device deployment

The tech community is not ready to understand the fact that Huawei has come up with its own mobile OS and it has already accomplished one of the fastest and highest installation marks in the history of the software upgrade.

chatgpt harmonyos android

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