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Changan Auto will be first to use Huawei HiCar 4.0 system



Huawei HiCar

Today, Changan Auto has announced that it will be the first to use Huawei HiCar 4.0, which is the upcoming infotainment system from Huawei. This new announcement follows the recent agreement of cooperation between Huawei and Changan Auto.

According to the information, Changan Automobile’s new car model will equip Huawei HiCar 4.0. However, there are some key features, which you should know about.

1. Non-inductive interconnection

One-time pairing, automatic connection.

  • The first connection requires the mobile phone to turn on Bluetooth and approach the central control. After discovering the car, enter the connection code for the first verification, and then you can connect without feeling. It even supports Huawei mobile phone pop-up pairing, and the experience is extremely immersive.

2. Mobile phone ecology on the car

  • Connect the mobile app to the car, so that the large screen and audio in the car can be linked together.

3. Application integration

  • The first-level car-machine interface is directly connected to the mobile phone, and the in-depth customization list is clear at a glance, and the car-machine can also use the mobile app seamlessly and smoothly.

4. Parallel Horizons

  • The highly acclaimed Parallel Vision on Huawei mobile phones and tablets can also be used in the car, and even the horizontal screen car machine can perfectly adapt to the mobile phone application.

5. Card Fusion

  • It supports a car card display, mobile phone navigation, music, schedule information, and important information at one touch, which is very convenient.

6. Shake to navigate and flow

  • Just shake the mobile phone, and the address can be transferred to the car machine, and the navigation can be initiated automatically, eliminating the need for cumbersome steps.

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