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AVATR 11 with Huawei ADS 2.0 will launch August 24




Huawei’s collaborative car brand – AVATR 11 will launch with Huawei ADS 2.0 smart driving system on August 24. The speculation for this new version appeared last week along with a good hype. “AVATR” is a joint venture of Changan Automobile, battery provider CATL, and Huawei, which provides motor and smart car technologies.

While sharing a promo poster, the company confirmed that the new AVATR 11 will unveil after two days. This new car is using Automated Driving System (ADS) 2.0 powered by HarmonyOS 4 operating system.

Compared with ADS 1.0, the most important thing about the brand-new ADS 2.0 is to join the GOD network. The GOD network is built on the basis of identifying obstacles in the white list based on the integrated perception BEV (Birds Eye View) network.

AVATR 11 ADS 2.0

It increases the identification of white-list obstacles. The ability of a variety of objects also ramps up the recognition of abnormal objects such as tilted vehicles and fallen trees.

Based on the GOD network, the AEB active safety of AVATR 11 has been upgraded to become GAEB. In the daytime AEB test of six models conducted by the well-known car media, AVATR 11 is the only one that can At a speed of 70km/h, the car recognizes cones, cartons, and water stops and brakes.

The new model is also using NCA smart driving system, which is specialized for high-speed and urban areas and is easy to use without a navigation system or Maps.

(source – Weibo)

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