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Can’t hold back because iPhone is powerful: Honor CEO



Honor CEO IPhone

Honor CEO, Zhao Ming has once again targeted Apple for the competition, he said in order to break Apple’s dominance in the market, all competitors need to overcome the mentality that iPhone is powerful.

Ming gave the latest remark at a recent conversation with the media, he said Honor has started the trend. Breaking Apple’s dominance requires determination and transformation.

The outcome of this competition will be very beneficial for the smartphone industry and more innovation will come forward, says Honor CEO.

He gave an example of Nokia vs Apple. 20 years ago, when founder Steve Jobs launched iPhone, no one knew that it could surpass Nokia. The Finnish giant was once known for its single-handed rule over the smartphone market. However, Apple successfully passed this challenge and placed itself on top of the industry.

However, Ming also criticized that a presuppose could become a hurdle and make the possible thing look impossible without even trying. Honor chief said smartphone makers can’t stay out of the competition because iPhone is so powerful, and this will make everyone lose.

Honor CEO IPhone

Apple Foldable Phone?

Zhao Ming also responded to a question about Apple’s foldable phone. He reacted that Honor is not worried about foldable iPhones.

“It can be said that the iPhone is a folding screen, which is very good. For the industry, another big player has joined in. In fact, we are still alive when the iPhone is a bar machine, and we are constantly moving forward. In fact, in the industry, You can’t worry and fear that any opponent will do the same thing. Worrying is just a psychological comfort for yourself in a certain situation because what you worry about will often become a reality.” He emphasized.

The Honor Chief concluded that his company is continuously making innovations in order to achieve higher ground among consumers.


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