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Breaking: U.S. reportedly approving licenses for companies to sell to Huawei



After this week’s high-level officials meeting between US-China, the US agrees to soon issue licenses allowing some of its firms to supply non-sensitive goods to Huawei.

Back in May, the US Commerce Department imposed trade ban on Huawei, alleging of being a national security threat and the company is under control of Chinese law. These allegations are repeatedly denied by the Chinese tech giant.

Under the trade blacklisting, Huawei cannot do business with US firms such as prohibiting the use of Google Mobile services for its smartphones, buying chips and more.

After the G20 summit, Trump said, Huawei will be allowed to purchase technologies from the US firms. Since this announcement, US companies seek a license for specific product to be exempted from the ban.

However, US commerce has received over 130 applications for licenses and none of them are granted after US-China trade talks didn’t go well.

Trump’s administration gave the green light last week to start approving licenses for a few American companies to bypass the curbs, reported New York Times.

Although, the report didn’t mentioned which of the US companies will be allowed to supply goods to Huawei.

Lastly, the new licensing decision would give much-awaited clarity to the companies, which have been left hanging over the edge in the name of the licensing process.

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