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U.S. reportedly paused Huawei licenses process over trade issues with China



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The Trump administration has put a hold on the licensing process for companies looking to ship their goods to Huawei after China halted its buying from the U.S.

License decision on shipments to Huawei could come next week: US Commerce Secretary

The White House is holding off on a decision about licenses for U.S. companies to restart the business with Huawei, following China’s decision to halt purchases of the U.S. farming goods, reported Bloomberg.

This new decision to hold licensing is impacting Huawei’s major suppliers including Micron, Qualcomm, Xilinx and more. Also, it’s expected that China has stopped its purchasing from the U.S. due to the threat of new tariff.

U.S. Commerce Department Secretary Wilbur Ross said last week that he has received around 50 requests to resume shipment to Huawei and expected reach at a decision this week.

The move to resume shipments came after the U.S. president announced to ease restriction on Huawei, was placed in the ‘Entity-List’ in May over security concerns, which the company has repeatedly denied.

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