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Breaking: Huawei Nova 5 Series will come with two 7nm Kirin processors



Huawei has just announced that Huawei Nova 5 Series will come equipped with two different processors on June 21.

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Today, President of Huawei’s Product Division, He Gang, announced that Huawei Nova 5 series will be the world’s first mobile phone brand with two 7nm SoCs at the same time.

As we’ve already known that Huawei Nova 5 Pro will come with 7nm Kirin 980 processor, so the regular Nova 5 which is expected to be launched in the mid-range segment, could feature a different 7nm Kirin processor speculated to be “Kirin 810”.

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Last month we reported that HiSilicon called for a corresponding communication meeting on June 29, which expected to unveil the new processor during the meeting and it may not be a flagship processor but nothing was officially disclosed by the company at that time.

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