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ARM decides to resume chip design supplies to Huawei



UK based chip designer ARM has decided to resume its supplies to Huawei after the company’s legal team said its chip technology is originated in the UK and not breach U.S. restrictions on supplying to Huawei, says a new report.

“ARM’s v8 and v9 are UK-origin technologies,” an ARM spokeswoman told Reuters via email on Friday.

“ARM can provide support to HiSilicon for the ARM v8-A architecture, as well as the next generation of that architecture, following a comprehensive review of both architectures, which have been determined to be of UK origin.”

Huawei has been using ARM chip design to produce its processor for smartphones and servers but in May, ARM halted business with Huawei following the announcement of US trade restriction.

Huawei’s Kirin 990 and Ascend 910 AI chipset are built on ARM’s chip design and one of the major chips released after the US restrictions.

After this latest news, we can say that the resumption Arm technology supplies will ease chip design-related issues for Huawei.

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