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Are you happy with downloading a big size EMUI update only for a security patch



Yesterday, I wrote a report where I described the tiny but important problem with Huawei’s EMUI software update program.

It was – Huawei is sending software updates with a huge size. That report was based on the response of our readers, and on the same report, we have a few more comments. It now looks several smartphone owners are getting multiple software updates with a heavy size.

Having the latest software update is good but what if you get the update twice or more without the changelog? Sometimes you don’t know why are you installing that particular update on your smartphone which is more than 3 or 4GB heavy.

Let’s say if you installed it. With that massive size, you will only get a security patch (which is important to keep your smartphone secure, normally weigh up to 200-300Mb.)

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I have received 3 software updates on my Huawei P30 Pro in the last 30 days, the latest one was more than 4GB and the other 2 also carried the same size.

Are you getting similar software updates with heavy sizes? Are you happy with downloading a big size EMUI update only for a security patch?

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