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Dear Huawei, Please stop sending huge EMUI updates for a security patch



It is good that you are still receiving monthly or quarterly software updates with security patches on your smartphones.

Recently, Huawei did a fantastic job by providing the latest software updates to its smartphones. Huawei and Honor both rolled out (In-Progress) updates to around 50 smartphones with EMUI 9.1.

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But everyone is not happy! The reason is alarming. Huawei is sending software updates with a huge size. It is acceptable when you have to download up to 500MB but what if it gets more than 2GB or 3GB?

Well, you can still accept the huge size when you get the major OS updates, such as EMUI 9.0 to EMUI 9.1! It is not same in the current situation because smartphone owners are getting (just) security patch with more than 2GB size. The worse is yet to come, what if you receive the 3 or 4GB software updates twice in one month or in 15 days?

Yes, it is true, Huawei and Honor are sending software updates with a security patch and they are more than 2GB and sometimes more than 3GB.

We have received hundreds of email with the same query and they are asking the same question – why we are getting such huge software update for just security patches?

The above situation isn’t for everyone, there are many users who are still receiving security patches with 200 or 300MB size. We hope Huawei will fix the problem with its software update rollout program as soon as possible.

Are you receiving the big size software updates? Let us know in the comments below.

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