Android Auto users facing notification problem in Signal

Google’s Android App is designed to make your driving experience more convenient as well as stay focused on driving while entertaining yourself.

But what happens when you started to miss the notification coming to your messenger app! Yes, this same situation has been occurring with the users of Android Auto in Signal’s notification.

At first, it was not clear that what is causing the problem the Android Auto or the Signal. But surfing through online communities like Reddit it’s been clear that there is a problem in the Signal itself.

Reddit has been filled with reports regarding this problem, users are complaining about the omission of the notifications that causing a huge disturbance for them.

Both the respective owners, neither Google nor the Signal team gave any official word about these notification glitches. So, users may have to wait until the next update.

To be mentioned, Signal is one of the top Messaging App with the same features as WhatsApp tending over the past months. This highly secure app came into the limelight after WhatApp issued a new privacy policy.


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