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Android 13 is just a slightly modified Android 12?



Is Android 13 just a modified version of Android 12

Google has launched Android 13 and it accompanies various features that are far better than the previous builds. In other words, the company has tried to give a revamped look to your device with new software.

However, on diving into the depths, we found something that is a little unusual. Comparatively, Android 13 carries those features that have already been there in devices for so long. Does this mean that Android 13 is just a modified version of previous systems?

Let’s explore this question in more detail

Android 13: Latest Operating System

Being a new product, Android 13 has collected several benefits in its pocket for users. As of now, there are more options in the Material You theme. Besides, the per-app language function is a significant feature to use in devices.

On the flip side, we get a redesigned media player, a revamped photo picker, and optimizations to various old functions. But aren’t these features already in a good condition with the Android 12 operating system? If yes, then what exactly has changed?

Android 13 Material You: Color additions

Material You came into existence with Android 12 software. The feature pulls out some eye-catching color schemes from the screen’s wallpaper and applies them to the overall user interface of the device. Moreover, any app can flexibly adopt this theme.

Notably, Android 13 has molded the Material You features by adding some more designs and color options. There are up to 16 new color themes to extract from wallpaper. Now you won’t be just limited to a handful of picks but can explore more ideas to make your screen look attractive.

Is Android 13 just a modified version of Android 12

Android 13 App-themed icons: First-ever feature

Yes, in this aspect, Android 13 is the first Android system to introduce themed icons for third-party apps. Surprisingly, various foreign developers have agreed to this association. For instance, WhatsApp, Spotify, Reddit, LinkedIn, 1Password, Pinterest, Telegram, and more are already supporting the system.

This feature will provide a similar look to your entire home screen and apps. Further, the company has added a new navigation bar that looks better than that of Android 10 software. However, the addition does not show significant use.

Android 13 Per-app language

The rumors for the Per-app language feature have filled us with excitement. However, when we jumped into the stable version, the excitement vanished in an eye blink. As per the hearsay, the feature was expected to support every app.

Moreover, even the beta versions introduced the feature with the same highlights. But the major upgrade changed the statement. Currently, the feature is only applicable to those apps that official states support for multiple languages.

Is Android 13 just a modified version of Android 12

Android 13 Pixel Launcher:

In comparison to Android 12, the company doesn’t make much difference in the Android 13 Pixel Launcher. It has just given a touch-up to the search functions. While Android 12 has separate search bars for both net services and local content, Android 13 has just complied with both elements.

If we make a round on all the components of the latest operating system. Then we have both good and painful things. However, the notable benefits are the per-app language which makes Android stand out with the iOS multilingual feature. And the efficient Material You additions.

Undoubtedly, there would be more hidden changes that are not visible at the moment. Even these changes are good enough. But they do not satisfy a major upgrade.

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