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Huawei opens first 5.5G commercial zone in Yunnan



Huawei 5.5G commercial zone Yunnan

Huawei has opened the first 5.5G commercial zone in Yunnan that will offer 10 Gigabit facilities. At the same time, the Chinese tech maker helped Yunnan Mobile complete the dual 10G speed verification and become the first in the province to operate 10 Gigabit services.

5.5G also termed 5G advanced technologies, is a next-generation upgrade of the 5G network. The dynamic version is capable of delivering 10 times the network speed over the current 5G services. On the flip side, it supports billions of IoT connections and native AI functionalities.

In the latest development, Huawei has built the first 5.5G commercial zone in Yunnan. Eventually, operators in this province will be able to enter the dual 10 Gigabit network era and facilitate advanced network technologies in the time ahead.

Talking about the benefits, Yunnan Mobile Cooperation can utilize high-tech methods. For instance, multi-carrier aggregation and large-scale array antennas. These technologies will help the company to obtain a single-user peak rate for downlinks.

Meanwhile, users will experience immense speed in the network. It will take only a second to download a 10G movie on your device. Thus, consumers will enjoy a more productive network experience than before. This is just the beginning of a new network era and Huawei ensures to enhance these services in 2024.

Huawei 5.5G commercial zone Yunnan


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