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Huawei delivers 1000-degree Celsius iron with 4X driving efficiency using 5G technology



Huawei is mastering the autopiloting technology in smart cars and present the ArcFox Polar Alpha S Series jointly with BAIC. This smart car is live up to users’ expectations and shows great results of driverless driving. Furthermore, it recently enters the mass production stage and will soon deploy to the owners.

Talking about the autopiloting techniques, Huawei uses its 5G network technology in the smart car cockpit for better outcomes. But, the company doesn’t seem to stop here and further exploring this field.

In this line, recent information revealed that Huawei is working with Jinan Iron and Steel Group and China Unicom to create Shanxi’s first 5G network-scale private network coverage area. This project has been successfully implemented using Huawei 5G networking technology for controlling and supervision of transportation in the area.

Afterward, the molten iron tanks can be controlled remotely and reduce labor dependency for controlling and dispatching of the tanks. Now, the 1000°C molten iron tanks are achieving successful transportation with no labor, no drivers, while the efficiency has been increased 4 times.

Jinan Iron and Steel Group:

Jinan steel group is known for making iron and steel products including boards, profiles, steel billets, mineral ores, cold and hot rolled steel products, and more. It has been using the traditional molten iron transportation methods with workers, drivers, and the possibilities for damages.

The working area contains eight lanes, where 16 huge molten iron tanks are responsible for the department of hot metal with tightly closed lid. These tanks containing hot metal at 1,000-degree celsius are successfully competing for their works without any man-force with 5G control algorithms. The whole operation takes about 7 minutes to be done.

This solution taken by the group will not only reduce possibilities of mishappening but increase the work efficiency also. The 5G steel industry expert of Huawei commented, using a new 5G infrastructure will help the steel companies in solving the miscommunication and promote data collection-analysis and decision-reverse control execution.

(Via- Mydrivers)

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