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4 reasons to install Google Play Store 36.3.12



Google Play Store

Google has recently released Google Play Store 36.3.12 for Android smartphones and other devices, and we brought you the 4 reasons why you should install the latest Google Play Store. Google has rolled out various new improvements with the June 2023 edition of Play System Update, these are part of the latest explanation.

Improved Search:

This new update will optimize the search results. For example, if you search for an app or a game, you will be prompted with better results in return. Also, the advertisement experience is updated with more accuracy.


June 2023 Play system update also improves the home page advertisement experience to show some more relevant ads regarding apps.

Trending App Highlights:

You can now see that the search results will show key app and game highlights from what users are saying in their reviews.

New Tab:

A new tab is making its debut where you will find fresh and timely events, offers launches, and content about apps and games.

There you go, here are the 4 reasons for you to install the new Google Play Store 36.3.12 update. However, this version will be seeded in the background but you can also grab this update manually from here.

Google Play Store

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