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14 inch Huawei phone reportedly launching soon



Huawei 14 inch phone

In the past we’ve seen a lot of Huawei phones with different types and size displays, but how about a 14 inch Huawei Phone? Yes, you read it right, we’re talking about a report that is coming from Chinese media and seems very legit.

According to the inputs of China’s Security Times, Huawei will unveil a monstrous 14-inch phone at the upcoming Huawei Smart Office New Product Launch Conference on September 13. Except for this information, there are no specifics mentioned in the report.

14 inch Huawei phone?

It’s a matter of discussion because 14-inch giant mobile cannot be held easily on hand not even like a tablet. Even some of the previously unveiled MateBook has 13-inch of display size, it’s bigger size than that. So, calling it a phone would only make ordinary terms and equips with smartphone functionality such as calling but it still needs some confirmation from Huawei’s end to clear some of our doubts.

Huawei 14 inch phone

Designed for Office:

Looking at the event, we could expect that this product is specifically designed for Office use cases rather than for every general consumer. Therefore, This new device will focus on the productivity features along with smart features that already come in Huawei smartphones.


It’s exciting to see, what Huawei really brings to the unveiling event and we cannot wait to check this product out in the open. Whether it’s a tablet and computer or a real entitled “Phone” we’ll keep you posted.

MainStream Products:

On September 13, Huawei will introduce a range of new smart products including new MateBook laptops and a new All-in-one PC. This would be the first time when Huawei will jump into the AIO PC market. Furthermore, the Chinese tech giant has a new office product –  Smart Printer and it’s packed with smart features as well as new HarmonyOS operating system support.

On September 23 Huawei will also unpack the new Nova 9 series devices that will usher in new camera technologies and be powered by HarmonyOS 2.1 operating system.

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