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A Xiaomi trademark rejected due to similarity with Huawei MyService



Xiaomi and Huawei

On 7th September 2021, the Chinese Intellectual Property Database publishes information regarding a trademark dispute between two native tech giants Huawei and Xiaomi. However, the State Intellectual Property Office gave the result in the corner of is the defendant.

As per the information, Xiaomi’s trademark for “MiService” is found to be similar to Huawei’s “MyService”. This is the reason that the Xiaomi trademark in case no (2020) Beijing 73 has been rejected for the first instance verdict.

The authorities further explained both trademarks have the same latter composition, Pronounciacation, and text style. On top of this, both companies belong to the same industry. The possibility of a user getting confused between both names is very high.

Therefore, the authorities can’t neglect the chances of consumers getting confused or misrecognize the brand. Hence, the MiService trademark of Xiaomi has to be rejected in accordance with the law.

More About Huawei:

Besides, a report published in August shows that Samsung has to faces another rejection over the Huawei patent dispute. As per the info, the Korean tech firm was accused of infringing Huawei’s patent right and has been lost three cases in a row.

Recently, the Ark Complier JS runtime officially became open source in Huawei HarmonyOS. This time the ArK library contains three files of Js runtime, runtime core, and ts2abc. It’ll bring more improvement to the multilanguage compilation.

Furthermore, Huawei’s Hongmeng trademark also got the eye of the intellectual property office and been rejected a number of times before receiving node due to the prove related to Huawei.

xiaomi Huawei trademark dispute

xiaomi Huawei trademark dispute

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