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Breaking: Most of the Huawei phones will receive HarmonyOS update before June this year



On April 7, 2021, Dr. Wang Chenglu, Huawei Consumer BG Software Engineering Dept President and AI and All-scenario Intelligence Business Unit Director, delivered a speech themed Connecting to a Simpler Life at the TEDxHouHai event Driven by Pressure.

At the event, Dr. Chenglu details that HarmonyOS is a next-gen OS and enables various intelligent devices to connect and collab into one single language. HarmonyOS will allow more devices to connect with each other, providing a seamless and user-friendly experience among all devices.

At the event, Wang announced that this new software will run on 300 million devices in 2021 and the official is anticipated with the vision that the industry partners will create a robust ecosystem around HarmonyOS.

According to the official information, HarmonyOS for mobile devices will go official in April this year and the Chinese tech giant will conclude the HarmonyOS mobile developer beta with the launch for the commercial consumers.

Relating to this info, a well-known tipster from Weibo has shared some important information that we should know and coming directly from Wang on the stage and extracted from his speech at the event.

Wang told that Huawei is aiming to install HarmonyOS in most of the models before June this year, and the company will upgrade most of its devices including smartphones, tablets, and other IoT as well as devices from third-party manufacturers.

Furthermore, HarmonyOS will run on all devices and can simultaneously share devices as well as files at an instant using the collaborative capabilities of the devices, which is different from its competitors in the industry including Android and iOS.

Aside from Wang, Huawei vice-chairman and rotating chairman Hu Houkun said HarmonyOS has partnered with over 20 hardware makers and 280 app developers to participate in the HarmonyOS ecosystem development.

Back in February, Huawei launched its new foldable phone, Huawei Mate X2, which comes with a brand new design as well as an inward folding screen. Furthermore, Huawei Consumer Business Group CEO, Richard Yu, also confirmed that this smartphone will be a part of the first batch of devices that will receive HarmonyOS upgrade.

It’s also reported that Huawei Mate 40 and P40 models will also be included in the first wave of the HarmonyOS upgraded models.

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