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Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite obtains January 2022 security update



Mi Note 10 Lite January 2022 security update

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite obtains January 2022 security update globally. The update came in the frontline on February 4, 2022. In recent, the mentioned smartphone users have grabbed MIUI 12.5 Enhanced Edition in various regions around the world.

The updated security patch delivers an enormous platform of smooth running functions that brings comfort and convenience to the doorsteps of users’ smartphones. Further, it provides a security system that has an increment in the stability and permanence of its structure.

January 2022 security patch version

The middle-sized smartphone Mi Note 10 Lite receives January 2022 security patch with an identified build version. This version appears with MIUI 12.5 Enhanced as V12.5.7.0.RFNMIXM. Concurrently, it carries a package size of 2.7GB. Further, it’s an OTA update and can delay in reaching all the units across the world.

MIUI 12.5 Enhanced

Xiaomi introduced MIUI 12.5 Enhanced in the earliest months of 2021 to the tech market. Although the software doesn’t comprise any unusual feature. Yet, it provides a whole improvised structure of the internal system in the device. In other words, from functioning management to storage and RAM efficiency, it imparts maximum utilization of its core.

Mi Note 10 Lite January 2022 security update

Consequently, the changelog gives detail about the segments that a user achieves with the Enhanced Edition of MIUI 12.5. Moreover, these features not only repair the core but also defines a better process of functions and operations in the device.


Swift performance: More life between charges.

Focused algorithms: Our new algorithms will dynamically allocate system resources based on specific scenes, as a result, it ensures a smooth experience on all models.

Atomized memory: Ultra-fine memory management mechanism that will certainly, make RAM usage more efficient.

Liquid storage: New sensitive storage mechanisms will keep your system vibrant and responsive besides time.

Smart balance: Core system improvements allow your device to make the best of the flagship hardware specs.

How to Update

To update your smartphone for the latest security patch, follow the given instructions:

  • Go to the Settings menu
  • Search for the section Password and Security
  • Choose the Privacy option
  • Click on the Security Update

From the Security Update section, you can install and upgrade your device to the available software.


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