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MIUI 13/Android 12 – Why there are no new updates at the moment



MIUI 13/Android 12

Xiaomi’s MIUI 13/Android 12 has been a hot topic among the global users of smartphones. The software made its introduction in late December 2021 with the super smartphone Xiaomi 12. Fortunately, with its amazing components for the device, it gave high fame to the company.

However, for quite a few days, the company is not releasing any updates related to the latest software except for its mega-launch in India. The last software that the company initiated was the China beta version of MIUI on 22.1.21. Moreover, it put a temporary stoppage over the internal beta activities on January 28, 2022.

Reason – why there are no new updates

Therefore, we are here to provide the acknowledgment as to why it is so? Being a Chinese company, Xiaomi is quite busy in their New Year, also termed as Chinese Lunar New Year. This event takes place from 31st of January to the 4th of February. This is the main reason, why the Mi Fans can not find any new software updates.

Due to the enjoyable scenario, the company has stopped relatively most of the software updates regarding MIUI 13/Android 12. Although we can consider that soon, Xiaomi will be back on the track with better upgrades.

Release Plan

According to Xiaomiui,  the Chinese manufacturer has made a release plan to provide its users with a delightful experience. Now and then, the developers are busy with their festivals, till users can have a look at the following procedure:

  • January 24 – February 6: The release of the closed and public beta activities would be kept on a halt.
  • February 7: The activities will restart with the release of internal and public beta.

Chinese New Lunar Year

The Chinese New Year doesn’t have a fixed date as it is celebrated according to the phases of the moon. Usually, when the new moon phase occurs in the midst of January 21 to February 20, when the moon becomes invisible for some days, at that time the event takes place in the country.

Further, there are many interesting facts about this festival as the next 12 years are based on 12 kinds of animals name with a special aspect. These names include Tiger for February 2022, then Rabbit, Dragons and Snakes for the upcoming years, and so on. In some other sacred books, the year is also considered a Spring festival.

This zestful event includes 15 days with immense decoration that beautifies the temples, streets as well as each and every corner of the country. The traditional occasion comprises of different customs and families and arises as a feast.

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