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Xiaomi MIUI 13/Android 12: Liquid Storage



MIUI 13 is based on Android 12, which has a set of brand new features including Liquid Storage. This features optimizes the file storage system in the MIUI software and brings a new file-sharing ability for your Xiaomi device running MIUI 13.

According to the information, Xiaomi MIUI 13/Android 12 Liquid Storage is a new feature and it has a new system-level method of managing to manage files on your device. On older devices, over time devices’ storage becomes fragmented.

After 36 months:

After this timespan, the device’s storage slows down read and write speeds by as much as 50 percent. This also affects how quickly you can access apps, and how you can quickly those apps can pull in resources as well as app data and present it on the screen.

MIUI 13 liquid Storage

MIUI 13/Android 12 Liquid Storage feature works to reduce fragmentation and manages stored data on your phone’s storage. The overall changes improve defragmentation efficiency by up to 60 percent.

MIUI 13 retains up to 95 percent of performance after 36 months, while other Android-based software drops down to 50 percent for the meanwhile.

The overall implementation of this new technology allows you to feel the new storage system that is faster and more efficient. Therefore, the read and write speed will surely be increased as compared to MIUI 12.5.

MIUI 13 liquid Storage

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