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Xiaomi HyperOS launching on October 26



Xiaomi HyperOS October 26

Xiaomi today officially confirmed that HyperOS is launching on October 26 alongside the new smartphone  – Xiaomi 14 series in China. Xiaomi wants to revamp and interconnect its entire device ecosystem with this new software.

Xiaomi wrote on Weibo “A new all-ecological intelligent world opens up from here. It is people-centered and creates a full ecology for people, cars, and homes. The operating system condenses Xiaomi’s 13 years of exploration and took 7 years to create HyperOS.”

HyperOS aims to create a fully connected ecosystem including smartphones, smart home devices, electronics, and car systems. According to Xiaomi, the research and development of HyperOS was officially launched in 2017, with a unified system framework to support all ecosystem devices and applications.

It is reported that HyperOS is based on the integration of the deeply evolved Android and the self-developed Vela system. The company has also written the underlying architecture and prepared a public base for the Internet of Everything for tens of billions of devices and tens of billions of connections in the future.

The features and old Xiaomi devices upgrade roadmap of HyperOS will also be announced on stage on October 26.

Xiaomi HyperOS October 26


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