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Huawei, Honor, OPPO, and others apply for new single-layer HDR image format



Huawei single-layer HDR image format

Huawei, Honor, OPPO, and more tech vendors have jointly applied for a new single-layer HDR Image Format. The respective standard project is led by Xiaomi and mainly aims to enhance the image segments and the overall picture quality.

According to the information, the new single-layer HDR image format standard project for Huawei, Tencent, Honor, OPPO, and Xiaomi has started in the current month (March 2024) and will reach the final stage by the end of this year.

The World Ultra-HD Video Industry Alliance has recently approved the standard project for the mentioned companies. Ahead, the alliance says that the High Dynamic Range (HDR) Still Images Part 2: Single Layer Format group standard has been approved and member units can now participate in the formulation.

It is worth mentioning that the UWA alliance further defines the HDR Image Format and says that the standard project is categorized into two forms: single layer (HDR) and double layer (HDR + SDR).

Huawei single-layer HDR image format

Let’s learn about these two forms in detail:

Single-Layer HDR Image Format

Diving into the details, the single-layer HDR image format seems to be more beneficial than the dual-layer. Eventually, it doesn’t require any additional SDR components to produce HDR-level imaging and offers efficient shots.

Single-layer HDR images claim to have higher compression goodness and easily save storage space as well as transmission bandwidth. It also helps in concealing private information or erasing it to protect your privacy and security aspects.

Huawei single-layer HDR image format

However, a slight drawback is that the single-layer distribution format takes longer to reach completion. Meanwhile, the dual-layer HDR distribution format standard is almost ready and can quickly reach a consensus.

Notably, the standard project demands certain elements like a system block diagram, image encapsulation, metadata, HDR to SDR conversion, and more. Everything combined, these components will aid in the production, editing, transmission, rendering, and display of the single-layer HDR image.

Huawei single-layer HDR image format

HDR Image Format (Source: Xiaomi Official)

(Source| Featured Image: Xiaomi)

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