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Why Huawei AppGallery is adapting 64-bit mobile apps?



64-bit apps

Recently, Huawei AppGallery announced the removal of 32-bit apps and the company will solely keep 64-bit apps for Huawei users. Therefore, it’s the right time to know why the company is taking this step.

Let’s start from the beginning.

In 2020, ARM made a big announcement about the future of mobile apps and confirmed that the platform will only support 64-bit apps in the future.

It’s said that the new app should be made on a 64-bit platform because of its wide benefits. For example, the 64-bit instruction set provides performance improvements and compute capabilities in the hardware. These advancements make these experiences faster and more responsive. While also meeting the demands of new compute-intensive workloads from future AI, XR (AR and VR), and high-fidelity mobile gaming experiences.

ARM also shared the key benefits of jumping on this new app architecture. Developers can also gain from performance improvements in their code, for example, recompiling on 64-bit gives a definite performance benefit over 32-bit.

This, along with additional security, is leading more and more developers to focus on apps suitable for the 64-bit-only mobile devices expected to arrive by 2023.

ARM then announced that “starting with Arm’s 2022 IP, all future “big” cores will only support 64-bit code.”.

Since Huawei also uses the latest ARM-based CPUs (Qualcomm), the company followed this announcement. And in 2021, Huawei announced the end of support for 32-bit apps. This notification informed all of the app developers to only upload 64-bit apps by the end of 2022.

A study from ARM reveals that 64-bit processing can handle more data at once, helping new and current technologies to easily run on mobile. 64-bit CPUs can fetch, move and process large amounts of data way faster than a 32-bit processor. This helps the end user to get performance—improvements of up to 20% for some workloads.

Therefore, Huawei is growing 64-bit apps on AppGallery and it will remove all of the 32-bit apps. And to promote a healthy and better user experience for all of the AppGallery users.

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