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WhatsApp working on multi-device 2.0, could able to link iPad



WhatsApp Feature

The WhatsApp multi-device feature allows a user to operate WhatsApp on other devices such as desktops and laptops even when the smartphone isn’t connected to the internet. A total of four devices can be used simultaneously but only one phone is connected to WhatsApp account at one time.

Both Android and iOS smartphone users cloud link their accounts with other devices. Besides, the WhatsApp team timely makes required adjustments for both to bring a more convenient user experience.

Still, this multi-device feature doesn’t provide support for iPad on iOS and tablets on Android, which is quite dissatisfying for the users. However, a leak from WEBetaInfo revealed that the flat-screen users won’t have to struggle more with the coming updates.

WhatsApp multi-device 2.0

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According to the information, WhatsApp is developing multi-device 2.0 that will have the option to link the smartphone with the tables too. Furthermore, it will first land on the iOS platform, the iPad user will be able to operate their WhatsApp without any support of the handset.

Besides iOS, the Android tablets are also outlined. As of now, this multidevice 2.0 is in the developing phase but will soon reveal the official information. That’s all we have for now, but we’ll keep you updated with the further information unlit than stay conncted.

Previous News:

In July the WhatsApp users on iOS had received multi-device support with some warning notes that incorporated with the beta update. According to that changelog, the pinned chats have some problems and user with the older version wasn’t able to contact with the users on the latest version. (Read More Here)

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