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WhatsApp Video Control Bar coming for iOS users



WhatsApp Video Control Bar

After Android, the WhatsApp Video Control Bar is coming for iOS users, letting them enable pause/resume the PIP videos. The Android devices recently received this function last week.

According to our mates over WABetaInfo, WhatsApp Video Control Bar comes with a brand new interface. The users will be getting three buttons with pause/resume, enlarge, and terminate buttons.

Besides enjoying the larger preview links, now users will be able to stop the received clips in between. In addition, the video progress bar will let them check where left off the last time after watching the video.

The users will also be able to enlarge the video screen to enjoy a larger view. Although it’s a minor change, it’ll help a lot as users won’t need to complete the entire video at once or watch it from the start.

Below you can check the preview image of the new video PIP interface-

WhatsApp video control bar

(WhatsApp video control bar, Image from WABetaInfo)

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Rolling Out Status:

The WhatsApp beta for iOS brings the new video control bar interface for the specific beta testers. The users who haven’t received this feature yet can wait for the next update as WhatsApp has just started to roll out it.

However, some iPhone users already received it with the previous updates as well. On the other hand, the team has sent it for Android smartphones last week.

More About WhatsApp:

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