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WhatsApp rolling out new drawing Emojis for Android, flat to 3d



WhatsApp Drawing Tools Emojies

With the new update, WhatsApp made some adjustments in the drawing tools section and brings more enhanced Emojis. The new emojis are more clearer with a 3D effect as same as in the messaging option.

WhatsApp Beta Version and Availability:

This new update will change the version up to, and currently rolling out for selected Android users. So it may take some time before reaching your WhatsApp account.

New UI- WhatsApp New Drawing Emojis Tools

This new update mainly changes the UI in the tool section of your chat to attach stickers and Emoji with the video, image, GIFs. The new changes are pretty cool with basic customized emojis and categorization.

Speaking of the previous layout, the available emojis are kind of 2D shape, and basic emotions such as smiling face, and laughing face are missing. Furthermore, there were no options to classify them.

Below you can check the new UI-

New WhatsApp Drawing tools

(Img source – WAbetainfo)

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You can see in the image that new drawing emojis are identical to what we use in the message section, all of them are available. At the bottom, the classification bar will also be provided to categorized smilies, animals, foods, utilities, and other symbols.

However, it’s still the beta update and may come with further changes in the stable update. Well informed you about further adjustments, so state connected to discover more.

(Source- WABetaInfo)

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