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WhatsApp Desktop gets new Archive Chats feature following Android



WhatsApp Feature

In May, WhatsApp brought a new feature to Archive Chats. It’ll keep the archive chats as archives, even if the user got a new notification of that particular contact or group.

The archive feature allows users to prioritized their contact accordingly to what matters to them most. Moreover, it can indirectly hide the chats that are set as archives. Simply tapping and holding a chat or group in the list gives you the option to set archive chat, the same we do for deleting any chat at once.

Previously, while getting new messages from archive contact, WhatsApp pushes new message notifications for the chat. It made them clearly visible on the list and notification bar, later WhatsApp added new functions for the Archive chats.

New Change:

Archived individual or group chats will remain archived even if you receive a new message from that individual or group chat. You will not receive notifications for archived chats if you aren’t mentioned in the group or replied to any message.


This new archive feature has been rolling out with the 2.2135.1 WhatsApp Desktop beta version for some selected users. If you have the same version, you can wait for the next hour as it can take some time in getting enabled on your device. Keep in mind, it’s a beta rollout and the stable version may have more changes.

In this preview, you can check the new Archive feature in WhatsApp Desktop-

WhatsApp Desktop New Archive Feature

(Screenshot from WABetaInfo)

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Where to Find Archive Chats in Desktop:

  • Open WhatsApp Account
  • Click on the More Button
  • Select Archive Chats
  • Now you can see the contacts you set as Archived

Previous Update:

In the previous update, WhatsApp brings some modifications related to the report system and fix a dark mode issue for audio controls in chat section. Now, WhatsApp will only forward five messages to the server, if you report a contact.

However, WhatsApp asks for permission before copying messages but there wasn’t any number mentioned in warning notes. The reporting system will help to block offensive messages from an individual or a group. (Read More Here)

(Source- WABetaInfo)

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