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New WhatsApp Report feature will send last 5 messages of the reported contact




WhatsApp has brought the Android beta version updates that have made some adjustments in the report feature. The new WhatsApp Report Feature increases the privacy standards for every user and provides more insights into what will actually happen if they want to report a contact.

WhatsApp report feature will let a user report an individual, group, or an unknown for obscene and insolent messages. Furthermore, it asks for users’ permission to read several last messages of the reported contact/group. This is a verification process if someone actually offends you and will help the chat app makers to better process this matter.

Previously, WhatsApp hasn’t mentioned any exact number of messages that will be forwarded from the reported contact. But this new update has minimized and clearly mentioned the messages that will be forwarded to the server when you report a conversation.

New Changes:

After the installation of the WhatsApp Android beta update, if your report a contact, only the last five messages will be forward on WhatsApp. Besides, the system will work as previously. While reporting a contact it’ll ask for your permission and will give you the option to instantly block the individual, or exit that particular group.

Below you can check the preview of new changes-

WhatsApp Report

(image source – Wabetainfo)

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Alongside specifying the number of messages in the report system, this update also installed a bug fix. Now, the dark mode problem, where is play icon isn’t clearly visible has been solved. Let me tell you, WhatsApp recently modifies the audio messages and brings voice waveforms, play button, and delete button for more precise voice messages.

Coming back to the report system, WhatsApp hasn’t made any spam report undo feature. Once you report a user, there is no way to take back that report, so be careful while reporting a contact. But, WhatsApp won’t take any action unless that particular hasn’t been reported several times.


The WhatsApp update enables this feature for everyone, make sure to have the same version. If not seeing it, try to restart your system after installation.

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(Source- WABetaInfo)

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