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WhatsApp Business accounts getting new changes



WhatsApp Business accounts

The WhatsApp iOS beta is installing new changes in the business accounts. The changes are related to privacy terms and Cloud API while chatting with a business account.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is working on a new Cloud API service that works accordingly to how a business account user wants to use services.

In an over, the team is making it simpler to utilize external services to store the conversation. Let’s first take a look at the preview of new changes before starting our discussion-

WhatsApp Business accounts

(Image credits: WABetaInfo)

New Changes in WhatsApp Business Accounts:

This time, WhatsApp hasn’t brought any modification to the E2E encrypted messages. Instead, it’s about the way used to mark Business Accounts in the chat from the user’s side.

To put it simpler, When a user connects with WhatsApp business accounts, the conversation follows E2E message encryption. After that, it’ll depend on the business account owners of how they want to store the history as there are multiple ways available.

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The Business Accounts may rely on Facebook or other third-party services with different terms and conditions. In case, if a user is chatting with Business Accounts that are using other services, WhatsApp will notify the user with special chat bubbles.

At last, it’ll depend on the users if they want to continue contacting the business owners or not. Moreover, WhatsApp is enabling the Business Accounts to use other services, and simultaneously notify the users about them.

However, WhatsApp is claiming not reveling the business message to Facebook by using its services. On the other hand, if users contact the business accounts using other cloud services, their personal chat will still encrypt with E2E encryption.

All business users are suggested to install the WhatsApp beta, which is compatible with new services. At present, it only rolling out for iOS users, while Android users may have to wait for a while.

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