Users missing Call Recorder and Camera Resolution features after upgrading to EMUI 10.1

EMUI 10.1 brings a number of new features for the eligible device owners and some users also facing some issues on their battery. Meanwhile, some users now have started to miss two new features after upgrading to this latest EMUI.

These two features are – call recording and camera app resolution selection. Most of the users reported that they liked these features but now they’re nowhere to find on EMUI 10.1.

Call Recorder:

It is located in the dialer settings in EMUI 10.0 but with EMUI 10.1 the company seems to have removed this feature for an unknown reason.

The Auto-record calls available in Phone > Settings > Auto-record calls.

Auto-record calls, camera resolution (EMUI 10)

Camera Photo Resolution:

Devices running on EMUI 10.0 can adjust camera resolution from Camera app settings screen, such as 48MP, 10MP, etc alongside aspect ratio. Now on EMUI 10.1, the consumers can only see labels regarding the Aspect Ratio and not the Megapixel count.

To adjust the aspect ratio, go to Camera > Settings > Aspect ratio > select ratio.

Do you use these features or miss them on new EMUI 10.1? Let us know in the comments.

Note: The availability of these features is different in different countries.

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