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US allowing 5G Qualcomm chip for Huawei? [Updated]



Qualcomm 5G Huawei

Update: Huawei Consumer Business Group CEO, Yu Chengdong has denied such a report of resupplying the 5G Qualcomm chipset for Huawei, read more here.

Original Story:

Today, Chinese media sources are circulating a piece of interesting news about the Huawei 5G phone and the US allowing Qualcomm to sell the Snapdragon chip to the smartphone maker.

People from the industry are saying that the US has loosened its strictness on Huawei for some chip export. As for now, Qualcomm can ship a 5G Snapdragon chipset to Huawei. However, it’s also reported that the US may not pull the ban on Huawei inside the country.

These are big claims and if true, it will help the company to launch 5G smartphones. This will ramp up Qualcomm’s business.

Huawei currently selling 4G phones in both domestic and global markets. However, the company is still kicking good sales without next-gen networks. However, the return of 5G in Huawei devices will also be a red alert for other Chinese phone makers.

Also, the sale boost of Qualcomm will hurt MediaTek due to the increased business with Huawei.

5G Qualcomm Huawei


Nope, it’s not officially announced by Huawei and there’s no comment available from the Huawei spokesperson either.

What’s happening?

Back in January, a report emerged hinting that the US is evaluating the exports to Huawei. It mentioned a surprising element including new curbs on the 4G Qualcomm chipset. However, it was mentioned that the US export leaders are still discussing action.

Following the report, Alex Rogers – President, of Qualcomm Technology Licensing (QTL) & Global Affairs confirmed that the US has not restricted Qualcomm from selling chips to Huawei.

“So I don’t think it’s fair to characterize it as the latest restrictions on Huawei. What we’ve seen in our news reports the effect that Commerce is considering not issuing new licenses outweighs. And we haven’t heard anything from Commerce itself.” told Alex.

For your information, Qualcomm first received US permission to sell 4G mobile processors to Huawei in 2020. However, the US commerce ministry denied the sale of the 5G chipset.

Second half:

If Qualcomm is able to sell a 5G chipset to Huawei, it would first appear in the Huawei Mate 60 series in the second half of this year. Last year, Huawei unveiled Mate 50 lineup in October and it may remain unchanged this year.

But there’s a lot to know on this topic and we’ll have to wait for some more information about Qualcomm’s 5G supply to Huawei.

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