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Breaking: Qualcomm said recent change won’t impact supply to Huawei



Qualcomm impact Huawei

A few days ago, a report appears that the U.S. has decided to put a close on new licenses applied to supply to Huawei including technologies from Qualcomm but the chip seller has confirmed that the recent changes from the U.S. administration won’t impact supply for the tech company.

During the Q1 2023 earning call, Alex Rogers – President, of Qualcomm Technology Licensing (QTL) & Global Affairs said the recent changes made by the U.S. commerce department remain unknown to Qualcomm and the company doesn’t see any significant impact of those new changes in shipment to Huawei.

“So I don’t think it’s fair to characterize it as the latest restrictions on Huawei. What we’ve seen in our news reports the effect that Commerce is considering not issuing new licenses outweighs. And we haven’t heard anything from Commerce itself.” told Alex.

He said, Qualcomm already has licenses for a while, that allow us to ship 4G and other chipsets including Wi-Fi to Huawei. He emphasized that these licenses were issued after the commerce department’s confirmation that these don’t pose any threat to national security.

“Those will continue for some number of years and so within the scope of those licenses we don’t see an impact,” Alex added.

This is quite a big revelation made by the chipset seller. As previous reports revealed the U.S. has barred the export of 4G, Wi-Fi 6, 7, and AI chipset to Huawei under a new strategy.

Still, there are some clouds that need to confirm on this matter because Huawei has already planned its upcoming flagship that will launch this year. This includes P60, Mate X3, and Mate 60 series. Interestingly, all of these will solely use Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ chipsets.

It’s also possible that Huawei could stock a big quantity of Qualcomm chips that could stay in use for an entire year. For now, it’s good news, and we’ll keep you posted on further updates.

Qualcomm impact Huawei

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