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UK banned Huawei because of US Pressure? Here’s something you should know



UK Huawei US

There has been a lot of interesting talks going about UK restrictions on Huawei 5G network equipment. And a former UK minister has revealed that the Huawei 5G network equipment and services ban is a result of pressure from the US government.

According to Euractiv, Vince Cable, former Business and industry minister for the UK said that the decision against Huawei has nothing to do with national security. While it has been done due to the American pressure. Although, the UK government has not pushed to hardlines ever since but it’s a huge revealing done by any of the previous government officials.

Huawei runs as the top telecom equipment maker in the global market. However, the Chinese tech maker has achieved this position based on the years of research and development of the respective technologies. However, some of the global markets always remained unfriendly this telecom giant including the US and later on, the UK.

The U.S. has been alleging Huawei for spying on the government agencies and Telecom equipment users and stealing their data on behalf of the Chinese government. However, Huawei has continuously denied these allegations.

UK Huawei US

In 2019, the U.S. government took a big action against Huawei and placed it under a strict sanction program called – Entity List. This prohibits the company from purchasing or accessing U.S.-made or technology that is made of US-originated products.

That’s not it, Huawei has found an even tougher situation under the palm of global politics, which is further pushed by the US. The US campaign targeted Huawei and banned urged its ally countries to do the same on their soil. Some of them followed and others denied it.

The ones that followed have the UK in the list. In July 202, UK’s prime minister – Boris Johnson announced that telecom equipment from Huawei will be removed from the country’s 5G infrastructure by 2027 due to the alleged threat to national security. However, the country also failed to prove it on the ground.

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