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Huawei will not develop its own browser kernel, suggest source



Huawei browser kernel

Huawei continues to conduct research and development to improve its technology in order to enhance the user experience. Just a few days ago, a Weibo tipster – DigitalJun claimed that at the Huawei browser MEET X salon event, a manager from Huawei’s browser team revealed some insights into the upcoming Browser app.

The tipster mentioned that the Huawei manager said it will be possible to see a better Huawei browser come out in two years or 2024. On the other hand, a community name Hongmeng Technology posted that Huawei is expected to launch its self-developed kernel.

According to the Chinese Media, a hidden source close to Huawei said that Huawei is not developing its own browser kernel but it has made changes in algorithm innovation and corrections. The user privacy protection has been strengthened for user data security.

However, Huawei has not officially responded to this matter yet. For your information, Huawei Browser currently has four kernels that include:

  • ID core
  • Webkiticon
  • Gecko
  • Presto

Huawei browser kernel

To be mentioned, all of the above mentioned are US technologies. over 50% of China’s browser share has been covered by Google, Microsoft, and Apple. There is no browser kernel developed in mainland China.  Even the Chinese Browsers such as 360 browser and QQ use the Chromium kernel of Google.

Regarding this matter, some people familiar with this subject said that the rumors of Huawei’s self-developed browser kernel were irreverent. Because it is difficult to develop a kernel similar to an operating system.

Some developers have compared the Chrome Browser kernel and showcased that a mature browser needs over 10 million to 100 million codes. Also, if 1000 skilled engineers are hired for development then it may take around 1 year or more. Meanwhile, the labor costs will be in billions. However, Huawei has such economic power to develop its own browser kernel but currently, it is not the best choice.

(Source: ithome)

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