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TSMC will launch 2nm chipset by 2025 and 3nm chips by this year



TSMC N2 process FINFLEX technology

TSMC recently appeared in the 2022 North America Technology Symposium where it defined the upcoming N2 process and FINFLEX Technology. These futuristic innovations are based on logistics, specialty, and 3D IC technologies.

2022 North America Technology Symposium planned to bring on an in-person event showcasing multiple technologies and innovations across the world. Apart from the other subjects, the Symposium also highlighted the leading-edge 2nm (N2) process and FINFLEX Technology of the TSMC.

TSMC thought’s on innovations

The CEO of TSMC, Dr. C.C. Wei described how these innovations will open new doors to transformation and growth.

TSMC FINFLEX for N3 and N3E – TSMC’s industry-leading N3 technology, set to enter volume production later in 2022, will feature the revolutionary TSMC FINFLEX™ architectural innovation offering unparalleled flexibility for designers.

The TSMC FINFLEX innovation offers choices of different standard cells with a 3-2 fin configuration for ultra-performance, a 2-1 fin configuration for best power efficiency and transistor density, and a 2-2 fin configuration providing a balance between the two for Efficient Performance.

With TSMC FINFLEX architecture, customers can create system-on-chip designs precisely tuned for their needs with functional blocks implementing the best-optimized fin configuration for the desired performance, power, and area target, and integrated on the same chip. For more information on FINFLEX, please visit N3.TSMC.COM.

“We are living in a rapidly changing, supercharged, digital world where demand for computational power and energy efficiency is growing faster than ever before, creating unprecedented opportunities and challenges for the semiconductor industry.”

Here is detailed info about the respective innovations:

TSMC N2 process FINFLEX technology

N2 Technology – 

According to the information, the TSMC 2nm process will equip the nanosheet transistor framework. As a result, it will provide a full-node improvement in power efficiency and performance. Further, it will deliver a 10-15% speed rate at the same power.

The N2 process also gives space to high-performance components. With a comprehensive chipset and integrating solutions, the company will begin manufacturing this tech in 2025.


Consequently, this technology is entirely based on designers. It will offer unparalleled flexibility and various standard cells with a 3-2 fin configuration for the extreme level of performance. So far, these configuration includes the 2-1 fin for better power efficiency and the 2-2 fin for maintaining a balance between efficient performance.

The unique technology will enable the customers to innovate system-on-chip layouts. Moreover, they can tune it and implement better optimizes, power, targets, and fin configuration accordingly.

Ideas of Expanding the Ultra-Low Power platform and TSMC 3D Fabric also took place in the Symposium. You can read more about these innovations HERE.

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