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Android 13 adding Native exFAT feature support



exFAT Android 13

Google’s latest updates say that the new Android 13 will get the new feature of native Extensible File Allocation Table exFAT. exFAT is a file system for external hard drives and provides better communication between the operating system and the user.

According to the source, this file format can handle large files of 4GB without any time lag. The native exFAT feature is going to first come in Google Pixel 6 Pro and it could work with Android 12L and but after the installation of Beta 3.2, this new feature comes into play.

This new Android 13 native exFAT will help in increasing the performance of flash memory and enhance the performance of your phone. It is also compatible with both iOS and Linux-based Operating Systems, as it may be useful for gaming purposes.

This file system also supports file encryption if performed manually which keeps our files safe. The Google Pixel 6 Pro is already carrying many of the new file processors and this will be added to it.

exFAT Android 13

Android 13:

Android 13 is the latest version of the Android Operating System. It is not released yet for the global Android phones but soon will be rolled out for everyone through Stable OTA. Currently, Android 13 is launched for the users of Pixel devices and this version has many of the features and advantages over the last Android 12 version.

Features of Android 13:-

The features of Android 13 are as follows:-

  • Themed app icon
  • Color Vector Fonts
  • New Copy Paste UI
  • Predictive Back Gesture
  • Text Conversion APIs
  • Bluetooth LE Audio
  • MIDI 2.0
  • Faster Hyphenation
  • Quick Setting Placement APIs
  • Photo picker etc.


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